There are two very fundamental questions to ask about any new technology :-

  1. Does it work (sufficiently well to be successfully adopted in the marketplace)?
  2. Can I make money (sufficient to make a return on my investment)?

WiMAX is a case in point, but the same questions apply to any new technology.

Early in the lifecycle of any new technology it can be extremely difficult for you to answer these questions, and requires a specialised mixture of Technical and Marketing skills to really understand the underlying factors and make those key early decisions.

Later in the lifecycle this mix of skills is vitally important in being successful in the evolving marketplace, and are needed for you to define, execute and modify strategies that maximises the return.

Furthermore, beyond these seemingly simple questions, there is much you can do to improve and innovate on the success in these two areas, and again a mix of Technical and Marketing skills and a 'big picture' viewpoint is required.

ProfileFive Skillset can help you in all these areas in bringing a technology from the nascent stage, through early market success and into mass market acceptance. Based on a Technical and Marketing/Commercial skillset honed over almost 30 years working in the computer and telecoms marketplace bringing new technologies to market.

Specialised in WiMAX and Wireless Technologies these skills can be applied to any new technology and ProfileFive's experience spans from the very first microprocessors (Intel 8008) and early telephone switches (Plessey TXK1 5005) through Intel's range of processors in Handheld, Laptop, Desktop and Servers and covers IP networking and the latest Wireless technologies including WiFi, Cellular and WiMAX.

Services are flexible and are in the consultancy and training areas of new technology

More about ProfileFive can be found on this site - or Contact ProfileFive if you have needs, questions or comments


Chris Beardsmore September 2008

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