ProfileFive Skills & Experience

ProfileFive has a wide and unique skillset that makes it a valuable and efficient resource for bringing any new technology to market

  • A unique mixture of proven Technical and Marketing skills that gives a huge breadth of experience in a very complex technology marketplace

  • A well honed and rounded set of both hard and soft skills that allow flexibility and scope to give a valued contribution to any project however big or small


  • An unparalleled ‘big picture’ view of the telecoms and computer industry


  • A very broad experience in WiMAX and a huge network of industry players

Now for a slight digression on 16-QAM Modulation used in WiMAX

  • WiMAX cost & performance optimises the use of scarce frequency resource
  • It often uses 16-QAM modulation to efficiently encode 16 bits of data on a single carrier
  • 16-QAM modulates both phase and amplitude simultaneously and the 16 states are often shown on a 2-axis plot  called a constellation diagram: see picture of this on an oscilloscope type tester
  • This is a useful model to map out multiple states based on two orthogonal variables

In the same way that 16-QAM modulation is very efficient and optimises resource and performance, ProfileFive, by combining Technical and Marketing skills, is a very efficient resource to address the complex task of the introduction of new technology.

Using the WiMAX 16-QAM analogy to plot Technical and Marketing skills on one axis and Hard and Soft skills on the other gives a constellation diagram that models ProfileFive skills.


Use the links in the following model to explore the breadth and depth of ProfileFive’s skillset (for example click on Events & Shows to see the skills and examples of this Hard Skill in the Technical area

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