ProfileFive Services

What ProfileFive can do for you depends a lot on who you are and what you want - but at the heart of this is an absolute focus on making customers successful, and a willingness and flexibility to make that happen.

Here are some examples of the areas where ProfileFive can help any new technology, and WiMAX and Wireless in particular:-


Spectrum acquisition / auction / valuation - helping you put a value on this fundamental asset

Modelling - understanding the key technical, marketing and commercial factors and using these to build a business model and business case for investment and ROI analysis.

Training - building skills and understanding in teams and using this to build the cohesion and direction of new teams

Vendor Selection - assistance with selection of key vendors and analysis of responses together with an analysis and perspective on the whole market from infrastructure through to end user devices and applications

Market Analysis / Service Provision - what services and products are you going to bring to market?

Market Development - helping you be more successful, quicker

Planning - building coherent and comprehensive plans for market entry and launch

Networking - putting you in contact with other players in the ecosystem and facilitating sharing of ideas and best known methods

Product Launch - maximising this key time when 'the rubber meets the road' and you launch your products to the press and the buyers


The list goes on, but by taking a big picture and holistic view of the technology and market ProfileFive can be a huge asset in helping you be successful in bringing new technology to market. Specific services include short or long term consultancy, training and being a skilled and flexible additional member of your team.

Please contact ProfileFive to discuss how you can benefit from a unique blend of skills, experience and service to make you successful


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